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    When - Original Song

    David Michael Cullen

    by David Michael Cullen



    David Michael Cullen
    Thanks for your comment Sophie...and fopr taking the time to look and listen.....Best Regards....Dave
    By David Michael Cullen4 years ago
    ♫ ツ ☆ ❤ ❤ ♫ ツ ☆
    Je n’ai gardé aujourd’hui,
    Que ceux et celles dont je suis sûre.
    J’ai éliminé tous ceux qui sont capables de forfaitures,
    Ou qui m’ont une simple fois, trahi.
    ♫ ツ ☆ ❤ ❤ ♫ ツ ☆
    By ☀SOPHIE~❤4 years ago
    I loved the music, lyrics and voice . A great song, full of wisdom and tenderness and the images fit the words so well !
    Thanks a lot Dave,
    All stars ,
    Best regards,
    Janis ;)
    By janis714 years ago
    David Michael Cullen
    Thank you Patrice.....Much appreciation of your kind comments.....Best Regards.....Dave
    By David Michael Cullen4 years ago
    David Michael Cullen
    Hello Suzannah....Thank you so much for all of your kind and generous comments..and observations....
    You are so supportive to my videos..which is really appreciated. The little one I am now my beautiful youngest grandchild....granddaughter..Millie....aged 4 and a half (very important)......Thanks also for the Fav Add..and Playlist.....Have a wonderful weekend yourself Suzannah....Best Regards....Dave
    By David Michael Cullen4 years ago
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