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    STOP SOPA & Protect IP From Destroying the Internet

    Computing Forever

    by Computing Forever


    A video blog discussing two new controversial anti-piracy bills that could be passed in US Congress. SOPA and Protect IP. The bills intend to introduce draconian censorship policies to prevent piracy. Piracy should be abolished but the manner in which this is being done is unacceptable. Because it gives power to a rich corporate elite to target users under suspicion of breaching copyright without much evidence and no due process. This will result in a fractured tiered Internet, the end of freedom of speech and the shutting down of many websites. Lets me clear this is not being done to stamp out piracy it is being done to control the Internet and ending political debate, freedom of speech, fair debate and violate your human rights.

    I also discuss how these bills are representative of a larger issue relating to media deregulation and corrupt capitalism. The Internet is a powerful tool to raise awareness of social and political issues. It has been used successfully to organize civil society groups, protesters and political activists to change the world for the better. If the Internet is censored it will lose this wonderful potential as a democratic safe haven. The islands of civic engagement, which have allowed NGOs and global civil society to exist will be broken forever. Stop SOPA and Protect IP.

    Follow this link and sign the petition against the Protect IP bill: