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    Senegal, Fatick and Thies: Bednet Distributions


    by AgainstMalaria

    Between the 23rd and 28th June 2009 the Senegal Red Cross on behalf of the Against Malaria
    Foundation distributed 40,000 LLINs (long lasting insecticide treated nets) to children under
    five years old in Fatick Town, in the Region of Fatick, Senegal.
    This distribution was part of a National level distribution of 1,980, 046 LLINs to all children
    under five years old in Senegal. The Senegal National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) took
    the opportunity to distribute the LLINs at the same time as the bi-annual administration of
    Vitamin A to all children between 6 and 59 months and mebendazole (a deworming
    treatment) to all children 12 to 59 months. Every child under 5 years old was entitled to a
    LLIN, with no maximum number of LLINs per family. There were many organisations involved
    in this mass integrated distribution which was led and coordinated by the NMCP as part of the
    Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHP). The Senegalese Red Cross worked throughout 8
    out of the 14 regions in Senegal,