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    RTD - "SingDubTrip" Performed at Right to Dance by Jordan - Celebrate Life


    by RecordinJordan

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    RTD - SingDubTrip is actually the FIRST song on the Album, "Celebrate Life". The song's creation began in 1996 It was 3 years of tediously pressing buttons everyday.
    This was back before you could program beats with a computer. So I sequenced every single sound separately on a Brother PDC-100 MIDI Sequencer. It took me almost 3 years to make it. Since I had to assign units, beats, measures, velocity, sustain, attack, delay, & decay for each & every sound you hear. All on a 1.5" LCD screen with NO Copy/Paste Function.
    ALL sounds are separate, single drum sounds. No loops or crap lie that.
    Performed at Right to Dance by "Jordan - Celebrate Life" - Federal Building, L.A.

    This features TWO camera angles being shown together for the performance of SingDubTrip. The song that was played just prior to the hit single, The LuvCat, by Jordan, Please see the LuvCat Video on our channel to watch people embracing, crying, and jumping for joy all from ONE SONG.
    The audio your hear, is DIRECT FEED from the mixer and is the exact music the audience is hearing.
    OTHER performers from the event NOT included in this video were :
    - Deejays - Dj : Thomas Michael, Trever from Moontribe, Thomas from Wicked, Jean Louis, The Bud Brothers, Jimmy, Pascal, Soluz, Eli Star, Brownie, Sean King, Thee-o, Tony Gamboa, Jeff K, Swirl Atomic Butterfly, and Simply Jeff



    (B Camera shot by : Beau McGavin)
    -All Rights Reserved - ©1999- Library of Congress
    -Author, Writer, Performer : Jordan (ASCAP)
    -Publisher : Garbage Juice Publishing (ASCAP)