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    Zenaptic Chiropractic Reviews

    REFERRED..TO DR. TROY!! For the past ten years I have been experiencing neck pain on and off. A friend referred me to Dr. Troy at Zenaptic Chiropractic and I feel great with lots of energy. My wife and kids also see Dr. Troy and are also very happy.

    I CAN FEEL MY WHOLE BODY RESPONDING!!! I can't begin to tell you what this has done for my over all well being. I didn't think about any of my physical problems at all during this day trip. I can actually feel my whole body responding to the treatment...all this after only a month's treatment. There are other bonuses I didn't expect, I thought a lot of problems like my type 2 Diabetic medicine is down to 1/3 the pills I needed and blood glucose under control again.

    EXCELLENT quick and friendly service