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    Netizens Urge Chinese Court to Spare Wu Ying from Death Penalty


    by NTDTelevision

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    Former bllionaire businesswoman Wu Ying was sentenced to death for collecting funds. Her case is now under review by China's Supreme Court. Meanwhile online, Chinese netizens have rushed to defend her.

    Thousands of Chinese netizens have responded quickly to defend the former businesswoman Wu Ying. The Zhejiang Supreme People's Court sentenced her to death on January 18th for fraudulent fundraising.

    Wu Ying was convicted for borrowing more than $122-million US dollars from 11 friends and relatives. But, so far, none of them have sued her.

    Wu Ying's case has triggered public outcry from netizens who do not believe she deserves the death sentence.

    Some of these microbloggers are prominent business people, academics, and lawyers.

    Reuters cited Zhang Sizhi—the 85-year-old defense lawyer of Mao Zedong's widow, Jiang Qing. Zhang said Wu Ying did not run away with the money or swindle lenders, as she did not waste the money. Instead Wu Ying had re-invested the money in various businesses.

    Sina Weibo microbloggers posted numerous comments. One real estate mogul, Ren Zhiqiang, wrote, "To save Wu Ying is to save ourselves."

    Another property tycoon Pan Shiyi quoted an old saying: "Spare (her) from the (executioner's) blade!"

    A Xiamen University literature professor, Yi Zhongtian, wrote, "Today, we save Wu Ying. Tomorrow, more people will save us."

    One microblogger wrote, "The case of Wu Ying is a case that brings hope to China's democracy."

    Many netizens accuse the Chinese regime's courts of practicing double standards, giving leniency to corrupt Communist Party officials, and letting these officials get away with more serious crimes.