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    The Brut, Olivia Munn @Trousdale Talks Carrots


    by hollywoodtv

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    The Brut ,Olivia Munn was @Trousdale and decided she would tell a joke to the papz.... she started saying "what did one snowman say to another" and the Pap replied "DOn't eat yellow snow" and with a straight face and psychotic look in her eye she said " Do you want to tell the joke or do you want me to tell the joke?" The pap apologized and said go ahead....she repeated herself "what did one snowman say to another"...pause "Do you smell carrots" Ummmmm yeah that was hysterical Olivia..... The pap wisely moved away and said ok I'll leave you alone Olivia I dont want to get beaten up by which she replied you actually don't look that short.