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    Afghan rescue dog playing

    The Mayhew Animal home helped ex Marine Penny Farthing rescue Bear-dog from a life intended for dog fighting in Afghanistan. As a puppy Bear's ears and tail had been cut off as a marker that his life was intended for dog-fighting. Thankfully he now has a second chance at a happy life

    Working as Mayhew International, we have helped ex Royal Marine, Penny Farthing (also pictured), since 2006, save dogs from Afghanistan where they are often used in dog fights. Mayhew International works in the country on neutering programmes to help deal with the huge stray population of cats and dogs and to read more about our work you can visit

    Penny Farthing has also recently published a book 'One Dog at a Time', which details his time stationed in the Helmand province in 2006 and how he couldn't ignore the plight of the dogs he met there.