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    Tribute to M-Bone; Cali Swag Teach LaToya to Dougie


    by hollywoodtv

    As a tribute to hip-hop's great M-Bone of Cali Swag, HOLLYWOOD.TV expresses its sadness at the senseless killing of this artist.

    Said Jermaine Dupri, ""That's my most significant memory about him...he was one of the main dudes who brought the dance back to them. The dance originated in Dallas and was brought to Cali. The members of the group are not from where the dance is from. He was the one who was really killing the Dougie."

    Jermaine stresses that while M-Bone didn't record vocals on albums, the dancer was always held as an integral part of the Cali Swag movement.

    Give our love to Tupac, M-Bone.