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    Dave Navarro & Colette Carr Talk Dirty Balls On The UNCOMFORTABLE Red Carpet


    by hollywoodtv

    Dave Navarro is working on a new Jane's Addiction album which has everyone waiting with bated breath!! In the meantime as our beautiful red carpet host attempted to inform us a bit more on the matter Colette Carr had a more pressing question on her mind and in a Tourette syndrome type fashion blurted out "DO YOU HAVE CLEAN BALLS??" in which Dave Navarro replied "I do.. I always carry a pack of baby wipes at all times!!!"

    He is a huge fan of Jamie Kennedy and wanted to support his new film Uncomfortable.....Uncomfortable red carpet it was...Dave then seemed intrigued by CCarr and stated that any one who asks if their balls are clean as an introductory question he must collaborate with....He pulls her into the interview and the questions went into detailed genitalia cleanliness.....Well if the 2 decide to "Collaborate" later this evening they will know ahead of time that it's all squeaky clean down there!!!

    They do kind of make a CUTE couple actually!!!!