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    Lorenzo Lamas & Mother Arlene Dahl @ Katsuya Celebrating Her Star


    by hollywoodtv

    Lorenzo Lamas your Mama is a beauty and your chica is HOT HOT HOT!!!! Such a step up from the train wreck you were married to!!! Lorenzo's Momma, Arlene Dahl, a Broadway star now has a star of her own in front of the W Hotel!! Congrats Arlene!!! How proud does he look standing between his Mom and Chica!!

    Lorenzo use to park cars at a place called Lowery's for a few years, he gets nostalgic for a bit reminiscing how hard
    it was to park the xCalliber, which was a massive car.

    Lorenzo remains's a wonder how he ever got mixed up with Shauna Sands..... That woman lost her soul SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long ago. The absolute epitome of an L.A. Surged Zombie.