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    2.03 ''Having it Out''


    by OutWithDad

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    According to numerous sources, the average teenager hears 26 homophobic slurs in a day. Often, these things are said by our friends, classmates, family members. To Rose, comments like these ring louder than ever now that she's out to herself and to a select few. What if coming out all the way out makes it even worse? What if she's singled out because she's gay? Is this what Vanessa is so afraid of? Is that why she's behaving the way she has been? Questions like these can be overwhelming.
    Meanwhile, at home, Nathan has an unexpected encounter -- which might have devastating consequences.

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    Kate Conway as Rose
    Lindsey Middleton as Vanessa
    Will Conlon as Nathan
    Wendy Glazier as Theresa LeMay
    Caitlynne Medrek as the girl in the washroom

    Music Composed and Produced by:
    Adrian Ellis

    Created, Written and Directed by:
    Jason Leaver