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    Maruti Suzuki Present Colors Of Youth With Diana Hayden - 07.mp4


    by TheBollywoodShow

    Automobile is not the only field where Maruti Suzuki is active. The popular Indian car manufacturer recently held a competition 'Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth 2011' which is an institutional level competition which evaluates the performance skills of the participants through various general awareness quizzes to get an overall winner. The competition spans over 3months and is held in different cities all over India. The competition provides a platform to connect with the energetic youths from renowned business schools of India.
    The competition Maruti Suzuki 'Colors of Youth' entered the final leg with the conclusion of the first leg zonal rounds which were held in New Delhi. Three teams out of total eight teams were selected for the final rounds from the first round of the competition which was held at Bhartiya Vidya Peeth Institute & Research. The 3 finalist teams are from IIM (Lucknow) , Ludhiana college of Engineering & Technology (Ludhiana) and Amity International Business School (Delhi NCR).
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