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    5 Most Unusual Dogs from Westminster Dog Shows

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    by Geo Beats

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    5 Unusual Dogs from Westminster Dog Shows - as part of the series on dogs and pets by GeoBeats.

    Westminster Dog Shows are a delight for dog lovers. Here are 5 unusual dogs from the recent past.

    Number 5 - This is an elegant toy poodle from the 2010 show. The breed is extremely smart and frequently competing in agility. They were initially bred as water retrieving dogs.

    Number 4 - These Chinese Crested dogs from the 2007 usually weigh about 10 pounds and come in two types: ‘Hairless’ and ‘Powderpuff’, meaning with fur.

    Number 3 - This intricately styled Shih Tzu from the 2006 Westminster Show has a long, silk-like coat. The ancient, small, toy breed was developed in China.

    Number 2 - This drastically long haired Afghan Hound, originally a hunting dog from the mountains of Afghanistan is from the 2007 Westminster Dog Show. They are rare and poised but can be stubborn.

    And Number 1 - The Komondor, commonly known as a ‘mop dog’ is a usual sight at the Westminster Dog Show including this one from 2010. This ancient breed originated from Hungary.