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    Israel, India Reaffirm Ties after Embassy Attack


    by NTDTelevision

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    Israel's ambassador to India, reaffirms a commitment to strong bilateral relations following a bomb blast outside the Israeli embassy in New Delhi.
    Israel says it has been targeted by other bomb incidents in Bangkok and Georgia for which it blames Iran and Hezbollah.

    Israel's ambassador to India held a meeting with India's foreign minister on Wednesday and expressed his country's support after an Israeli diplomatic car bombing in New Delhi.

    They met to discuss socio-political parameters involved post the blast.

    That explosion injured the wife of the embassy's defense attache.

    The Israeli ambassador to India spoke of the ties between both nations.

    [Alon Ushpiz, Israeli Ambassador to India]:
    "The meeting was a very good one, the meeting is just another shining example of the pouring support and friendship and intimacy that we have been lucky to get in the last 48 hours since this very saddening vicious terrorist attack on one of our people took place in the heart of New Delhi."

    Meanwhile on Tuesday in Bangkok, a man carrying an Iranian passport lost his legs when a bomb he was carrying went off while he was trying to escape.

    Thai officials say the bomb blasts in Bangkok and New Delhi are linked.

    The Director General of India's National Security Guard (NSG), says security for diplomats and VIP's will be strengthened.

    [Rajan K. Medhekar, Director General, NSG, India]:
    "We will try to prevent from such a thing from happening, to protect the VIPs. You know this diplomat was in a lone car, it had no protection, it stopped at a traffic light but since we are protecting very important, very vulnerable targets, we are working on modifying our SOPs (standard operating procedure)."