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    EBO (BalconyTV)


    by BalconyTV

    With influences cited as varied as, Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, Pearl Jam and The Beatles, and from Beethoven through to Crosby Stills & Nash, Nick Drake and David Kitt. Ebo's music has been described as alternative rock, still keeping in touch with their acoustic roots and giving particular attention to dynamics and the structure of their songs. Based in Dublin, Ebo have been gigging regularly in venues around town, and playing on local radio stations. To date, they have produced two demo EPs of 5 tracks each. Ebo are a hard working, new young band with a unique and original approach to the music they create. Through each of their songs can be seen a direct line of artistic progression and development. In which all parts and instrumentation are combined to get the full benefit of harmonies, counter-melodies and other musical features. The band was formed inSummer 2004, since they have been writing, recording, and working hard to produce the sound they now have. Last year saw the band play support to many of Irelands prominent leading acts, such as Stoneocean, Jalopy, Mainline and The Shakes, and develop an ever growing loyal fan base. Ebo's live shows are intense, energetic and passionate, yet always conscious of still maintaining the subtleties of their carefully crafted sound. Prompting one critic to write "...The night was polished off perfectly by a new band [Ebo] Their tight well rehearsed set matched The Romoanes for sheer chaotic power and energy, yet seamlessly blended a softer side, reminiscent of Nick drake..." Ebo have just finished their first recordings of 2006, with a view to releasing a two track single later in the year. Ebo will also be embarking on a short tour to promote the cd and to build on their successes of last year.
    EBO perfrom Adam and Eve