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    Nik The Greek - Δηλώσεις Μίκη Θοδωράκη στη πόρτα της βουλής - 12-2-2012 - Mikis Theodorakins at the parliament's door

    Nik The Greek

    by Nik The Greek

    We were with Manolis Glezos on the front and I mainly adressed the police, I told them that: "Don't be afraid we will not do anything to the parliament". At this moment they threw chemicals (tear gas) on us. To tell you the truth I have not been exposed to this smell since Sotiris Petroulas died (student protesting against the dictatorship- 1964), they were throwing lots of chemicals back then! Manolis Glezos fainted, he is inside. I want to go inside and look at them in the eyes because some are about to vote for the death of Greece. Manolis and myself, Manolis as you know entered first the resistance to the NAZI and I entered first the resistance against Papadopoulo's dicatorship. We are sending an optimistic message to everyone, we fought and we won in both situations and this time we will win again, be sure. People will not stop fighting. From now on one word exists : Betrayal! I am going in to look at them straight in the eyes and tell them so myself