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    Buster Keaton's THE GENERAL: A Live Music & Moving Images Event


    by @NitehawkCinema

    BUSTER KEATON plays engineer Johnnie Gray, a man with two loves: his trusty steam engine (The General) and his fiance Annabelle Lee. The General is stolen by Union spies with Annabelle on board, Johnnie procures another locomotive and the chase begins.The film is essentially one big chase sequence, brilliantly constructed and expanded to feature length. Within that framework Buster Keaton stages a series of beautifully choreographed and increasingly dangerous stunts. The General is an epic of silent comedy, one of the most expensive films of its time. It is equal parts farce, action flick and period piece. The General is consistently ranked among the greatest films ever made.

    HAYES GREENFIELD and the ECLECTIC ELECTRIC will perform LIVE, providing a musical score and soundscape as fast and fresh as a locomotive. Hayes Greenfield is an award-winning film composer and musician living and working in New York City for over 30 years. As a film composer, Hayes has scored more than 60 films, documentaries, commercials, and TV specials. Many have received awards, including the prestigious Emmy and Telly. As performer/saxophonist, Hayes has released 10 critically acclaimed CD's and toured throughout the US, Canada, and Europe with his own bands.

    The Eclectic Electric marries extensive musical stylistic history of composition, film, improvisation, sound design, acoustic and electronic instruments and effects into a groundbreaking aural cornucopia that pushes the envelope of silent film and interpretive music and sound. The Eclectic Electric is comprised of Paul Socolow and Todd Turkisher.

    Todd Turkisher plays drums, percussion and electronics. Among the hundreds of musicians he has played, toured, and recorded with include David Byrne, Ute Lemper, and African drum master Baba Olatunji. He performed on Selena's "Dreaming of You," and Baba Olatunji's grammy nominated CD "Love Drum Talk". Todd co-produced Ute Lemper's last two CDs. He is currently writing and producing a new album featuring the words of Charles Bukowski, with melodic composition and voice by Ute Lemper.

    Paul Socolow, bass, guitar and electronics was NYC born and raised. Paul has recorded and toured extensively with David Byrne, Bill Frisell, Bobby McFerrin, The Roches, Herbie Mann, Marc Ribot, Uri Caine, Gato Barbieri and countless others. His CD "Have Another Day", recorded along with Todd Turkisher under the name Angry Man Breakfast, was roundly praised in the Music community and has sold worldwide.

    Tuesday, January 17th 7:30PM & Sunday, January 22nd 12:30PM
    NITEHAWK CINEMA 136 Metropolitan Ave. Williamsburg Brooklyn