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    MARROK (BalconyTV)


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    Marrok is an Austrian rock band from Upper Austria, Steyr, formed in 1999. The band consists of lead vocalist & guitarist Brian Pearl, bassist Lycan Radix, and drummer Mr. Lucky.

    2010 is a hell of a year for Marrok. It's been a year and a half since the release of Rewakening, the band's second album, and the title met it's own prophetic promise. Reawakening was the initial signal for the rise of Austria's finest rock band a claim proven by awards, features in newspapers and on television, numerous gigs and the support of an ever growing fan-base. There's a reason to all this: singing leads, heavy rhythm guitars, forceful and driving drums and of course lush, melodic vocals. It took the band a while to discover it's own sound. Marrok started in 1999, gaining first successes with their EP 'Extreme' and the Austrian Newcomer Award.
    The secret of their sound lies within their name, the name of an ancient celtic knight turned into a werewolf. 'We just like the sound of the word 'Marrok'. It's pleasant and hard as a rock, all in one, and we think it fits the sound of the band' describes Brian, the singer, the reason to their choice of name.
    To continue their straight way of success, the band releases their third studio album Midnight Carnival in March 2011. The new songs sound even more diversified, epic and and a bit more freaky. As a consequence, the fanbase is enormously growing and Marrok gets more and more attention of the media. Numerous features in music television and magazines show that the band is on the right path. Solo shows in Germany, Switzerland and Austria as well as great support shows will lead Marrok to the next level. Stay tuned!

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