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    China's Xi Jinping Met With Protests at the White House


    by NTDTelevision

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    Now, as we mentioned Xi Jinping visited President Obama, but the action at the White House was not limited to the Oval Office. NTD's Ben Hedges reports.

    Xi Jinping, the man likely to become the Chinese Communist Party's next leader, is on a four day visit in the US. When Chinese Communist leaders go anywhere outside of the Mainland, they are often met with protests by those angry at the Chinese regime's abuse of ethnic and religious groups. Xi arrived at the White House on Tuesday morning to a familiar scene.

    [Ben Hedges, NTD News]:
    "I'm here outside the White House with Jared Genser from Freedom Now. Thank you very much for being with us, Jared. Jared was the international attorney for Aung San Suu Kyi, and also serves as the international counsel for Gao Zhisheng and Liu Xiaobo. Jared, what are we seeing here today outside the White House with these protests?"

    [Jared Genser, President, Freedom Now]:
    "Sure, well this is a vibrant protest of Vice President Xi Jinping's first trip to Washington as the heir apparent to Chinese President Hu Jintao. There are obviously a lot of concerns on human rights matters of a whole host of varieties."

    Many groups persecuted by the Chinese regime are in Washington protesting Xi and calling on President Obama to take a stand on human rights issues.

    [Jared Genser, President, Freedom Now]:
    "Well there are a range of human rights concerns, everything from the situation in Tibet, to a free Taiwan, to the Uyghur population, the persecution of religious minorities such as house church leaders and Falun Gong."

    Falun Gong practitioners are here in silent protest. Many tell horror stories of China's forced labor system... among them, Ma Chunmei.