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    The Monster's Muse - Memories of Golden Era Hollywood Horror - Book Trailer


    by themonstersmuse

    Book trailer for the new novel by Bradford Tatum.

    The Phantom of the Opera. Dracula. Frankenstein. Defining gems of the gothic genre. But do you know who was the real muse behind these paragons of terror? Would you believe it was a ten year-old girl from war-defeated Germany?

    "The Monster’s Muse" tells the incredible story of Maddy Ulm and her rise from the complicated shadows of Berlin’s first experiments with Expressionist cinema to the glamorous deserts of Hollywood. For Maddy has a secret. A secret that has given her unparalleled insight into the soul of horror. A secret that has an unimaginably terrible price as well. With characteristic candor, Maddy gives us both a privileged glimpse into the making of some of Hollywood’s most defining films as well a hellish and often humorous vision of her personal journey.