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    by BalconyTV

    BALCONYTV DUBLIN 27/02/2010
    The Post War Musical is fragile yet fierce, epic, dark and pretty damn beautiful. THE IRISH WORLD

    If, as Keats would have us believe, "beauty is truth, truth beauty"; The Post War Musical is, indeed, "all ye need to know." CLUAS.COM (8/10)

    A mature debut that oozes the confidence and assuredness of an outfit three or four albums into their career. Big guitars and even bigger drums are the order of a very satisfying day. IRISH DAILY STAR (4 STARS)

    Pilotlight are a cerebral outift with contemplations driven by mood inducing melodic shifts borne from an unmistakably thorough knowledge of their craft. THE BIG LIST

    The album features a truly euphoric collection of post-rock tinged indie rock sounds. Its full of slow building guitar led sounds, some finally building up into thunderous explosions of pure fuzzed up guitar action. ROAD RECORDS

    The quartets sound is like a mix of The Bends-era Radiohead, Elbow and Sigur Rós. This sounds very good on paper, but rather excellent on the record itself. MUSIC FANS MIC BLOG (8.2/10)

    This album is a rarity, its incredibly polished and beautifully constructed. The Post War Musical is a really fantastic album DROP-D.IE

    "Best band to come out of Ireland in years, like a secret: Pilotlight" COOL FM

    Unassuming, brooding songs that tease their way into magnificent compositions IRISH DAILY STAR

    Tune in again tomorrow!!!