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    Beautiful BACK Reverse FLYES Fitness Workout ConikiXXX

    ConikiTV Coniki-tv

    by ConikiTV Coniki-tv

    3 532 views A Beautiful back on a woman is SEXY and now you can achieve one too with ConikiXXX. Watch Niki spread he wings on her way to building a sexy back with TRX REVERSE FLYES by using the 6th segment of Workout 1 of week 4 of ConikiXXX.

    The XXX in ConikiXXX stands for Wildly exciting straight edge lifestyle whilst refraining from drinking, smoking, and drugs. Watch out, it's infectious.

    ConikiXXX is the 1st workout system that you can do at home for FREE designed to be SAFE and suitable for people of all ages. Complete with detailed professionally designed tutorials that will get you working out safely and without risk of injury.

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    Do this Exercise 3 times without rest

    1. TRX Reverse Flyes x 12 reps

    Rest 30 seconds between sets if you're doing this exercise on it's own otherwise simply move to the next exercise in workout 1 of week four.

    Totally TRANSFORM at home with us and ConikiXXX - The Home Workout Phenomenon for FREE


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