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Igor Stravinsky "Apollon" Paul Valéry "Narcisse"

il y a 6 ans162 views



Apollon Musagète or Apollo is a ballet for string orchestra roughly contemporary with the poem Fragments of Narcissus by Paul Valery. The formal rigor is common to musician and to poet. Both are able to innovate within the constraints of an apparently classical form
This classic or baroque appearance obvious (one thinks of Bach Corelli or Racine) is in reality a very personal tour de force
If we look at the score or the text of the poem we can no longer be blind to the constant richness of the invention
I want to detail one short passage from the first scene entitled Appearance of two goddesses. Stravinsky sets the melodic line with great care, the selected and scholarly dissonances (more sensitive at the piano) warp discreetly the polyphony. The surprise is that of an instability where the melody moves constantly and gently away from too easy paths
Valéry said to Stravinsky «It seems that what I'm looking in my art, you join it with your own: Attain purity by the will»
Louis Latourre

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Igor Stravinsky "Apollon" Paul Valéry "Narcisse"
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