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    Learn Musical Instruments - Saxophone - Volume 1 - Basic Lessons 2

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    The Saxophone is known as a reed musical instrument that is a staple in jazz bands. Saxophone is also referred to as Sax. It is conical - bored transposing musical instrument. Saxophone is considered a member of woodwind family because the way it is played is very similar to the clarinet. It is made of brass, and is the only woodwind that has never been made of wood. Saxophone represents a harmonious blend of the Western and Indian Music. This DVD of Learn to Play Saxophone comprises basic lessons on playing Indian Carnatic Classical Music in Sax by Sri E. R. Janardhan, a disciple of Padmashree Kadri Gopalnath. The lesson on this DVD has been tailored in a way that you can learn and practice the Saxophone within the comfort of your home.

    History and Artist Profile
    *Interview with Kadri Gopalnath
    *Parts of Saxophone
    *Assemble the parts of Sax
    *Blowing Techniques
    *Fingering Techniques
    *Types of Sax
    *Basic Lessons: Sarali Swaras, Janto Swaras, Upper Sthaye Swaras and Concert Pattern.