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    by BalconyTV

    BALCONYTV DUBLIN 22/01/2009
    Gentry Morris is a name that is easy to remember, and so is the music that he makes. This 24 year old songwriter hails from south Georgia but through the years has picked up roots several times. Having spent the last 5 years of his young life sharpening and defining his unique sound in the musical melting pot that is Nashville, Tennessee, Morris has the battle scars and the hits to move on to bigger and better things. Gentry is now residing in Belfast, Northern Ireland where he is spreading his music to a European fan base and winning over the crowds at every show. Morris has a gift for creating memorable songs with an emotional range that can take the listener from a sunny day in the park to a dreary Sunday evening drive through the fog. He strives to create a unique and individual sound, and creativity flows from every word he speaks, seldom does he ever write a hook that wonâ??t stop you flat in your tracks. With plans for a new full length album in the works and support slots for some of the UK most promising new artists Gentry is definitely a name to remember because you are sure to be hearing more from this bright new talent! For more information on this artist go to

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