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    by BalconyTV

    BALCONYTV.COM 27/05/2008
    Herm is the product of the union in the late 70's of Her and Him. He wrote his first song - about alcohol addiction - at the tender age of eight. Seventeen years later he got a band together, The Hermanos, and they released the Rosemary EP on Catchy Go Go records in 2006. Sounding a bit like a cross between Nick Cave, The Beatles and Beck it was described as "diverse and stylish", "catchy and splendid". 2007 was mostly spent recording Herm's debut album, 'Monsters'. It features guest vocalists Nina Hynes and Michelle Considine along with various Hermanos past and present. This added to the already wide range of sounds and styles. The Hermanos regrouped in late 2007 with a couple of line-up changes and have been gigging ruthlessly ever since. Highlights have included a seemingly never-ending set in the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin to a drunken mob and a surreal experience at 3am in the Spiegeltent as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival. Recent gigs have featured raffles, "sex faces" and unplanned key changes... The 'Monsters' will be released in Summer 2008.

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