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    by BalconyTV

    BALCONYTV.COM 21/03/2008
    Our name came about because we liked the way the vowel and syllable sounds clashed together. we're four animal-loving mates who make music. we generally use electric and acoustic guitars, basses, pianos, drums and other percussion, and lots of vocals. our imagination is fuelled by cartoons, noise, cynicism, colours, comedy, coffee and alcohol. and also anything that makes us smile or laugh. artistically we're motivated by confusion about whether to take life seriously or just fuck it all up and have a buzz. and about whether you should care what people think of you or not. and we always end up just wanting a buzz. we love what we do, love being alive and love our hometown of waterfjord. musically we're fans of lots of weird and wonderful rock n roll so thats what we sound like. we get more and more upbeat sounding every day.
    Various people in the irish media, press and radio alike, like what we do a lot but we're not going to bore you with their quotes. listen for yourself and make up your own mind about whether you like us or not. you spend your entire waking day surrounded by people telling you what's good and what's not. now's your chance to use your own judgment. and that doesn't mean we're anti-establishment or anything like that. we'll leave that to the hippies.
    We fully advocate copying and sharing of music. it's deadly. i've heard so much great music i never would have, had friends not burned me up this or that cd. just remember that for small insignificant bands like ourselves we're on small insignificant budgets and the occasional cd or track sale does help. we don't want to milk you dry like some other bands out there. we'd just like to end up making enough money to live and keep going at what we're doing. think of yourself as a patron. you get to patronise us! buy off independent record stores and buy from the smaller independent record labels. if you've got to rip music files, make sure theyre on a major label. oooh controversial!

    Tune in again tomorrow!!!