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In Scotts words - I fell off my bike when I was 15 and broke my left arm and sprained my right - It was then I realised how much music meant to me 'cos I couldn't play the chord of C properly on the guitar. Music is my work and music is my love - I've been lucky enough to be in different bands and travelled far and wide, up and down and I've played some really great gigs and met some amazing people (Sir George Martin, lots of people I admire and ..... the Queen of England - weird ! I love that music makes me laugh so hard 'cos of the stuff that happens and the strangest people in the most unlikely places you meet along the way - Of course I want to sell 40 million records and be on the tip of your tongue but for me it's about the journey and not the destination and so far the journey is on the up .....I released my debut album Cartoon Moon last year to surprisingly great reviews likening it to a mix of Jeff Buckley/Beatles/Crowded House and I have two songs on movies coming out this year and early next year 07 in the USA Light Years Away and Lost On The B-Side. I spent March and April this year in New York playing in clubs with a full band and getting to know the place and playing some great gigs and getting very pleasing reviews.
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