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    by BalconyTV

    In Majellas words - From as early as I can remember I loved music and anything else artistic; I sang anywhere, everywhere and as often as possible!
    I listened to my older brothers and sisters tapes, I would sing along to Tracy Chapman, James Taylor, The Indigo Girls, Something Happen, Four Non Blondes, Curiosity Killed the Cat and anything else I could get my hands on.
    As time moved on, I became interested in Bob Dylan, Alysson Krauss, and lyrics hit me as much as the tunes themselves.
    When I was sixteen my sister Mary bought me my first guitar; I bought a handbook on chords and "Greatest Country Hits Songbook" and started teaching myself to play.
    I played with people who were better than me, not too difficult when my entire repertoire consisted of five chords! I watched, listened and learned; I began to improve, I began to make up my own tunes and lyrics; I found I was imagining finished songs, in my head I could hear the strings, drums, electric guitars, piano, harmonica, the whole production.
    I started performing with other bands gaining experience and confidence and I began to dream. I dreamed of touching people with my music and sharing something of my soul with others.
    Very slowly my dreams began to come true.
    I dreamed of cutting my first CD, I have done it 'Brave New World' will be released later in 2006; however I never dreamed that I would work with legendary producer Eric Rosse and record it in Los Angles.
    I dreamed of performing to a full house in The Olympia Theatre, I did that when I supported Jamie Cullum daunting but I want to do it again and again and again.
    I still have many dreams, I have just started, I am not sure where this path will lead but I am following it, living enjoying and experiencing every moment of it. Sure it's a laugh.
    Majella performs Lunchtime
    Presented by Pauline Freeman