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    by BalconyTV


    'Colour My Heart' is another independent release from Australian singer/songwriter Clare Reynolds
    A lot has happened since Clare's debut album Inside My Head. One song from the album was played on the hit TV show, Private Practice, and another was picked up for the official trailer of an Uma Thurman movie. There was a very romantic wedding to her Producer partner, Daniel McGahan (keep an ear out for a hidden song on the new album and you'll feel like you were there). And then there was more travelling, some song writing awards, and creative escapades with songwriters in London, Los Angeles and Nashville.
    The album's had quite a journey already. Tracks were written and recorded everywhere from a Nashville hotel room, a friend's apartment in London, a Brisbane studio, and in a tropical hideout in the Noosa Hinterland amongst the sounds of the rainforest (and koalas mating at night!).
    Some of the tracks took an internet ticket to London where Cliff Masterson, who has worked with Kylie Minogue, James Morrison, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber & Michael McDonald, was able to work his magic with the string arrangements. Also thanks to the internet, other tracks took the sound cloud to producer/songwriter Michael Flanders in Nashville where he laid down pedal steel and slide and sent them on their merry way home again.
    If you ask Clare how she writes a song you'll most likely hear, "It just came out." A songwriter who sings her own songs, she has a soulful ability to translate the world around her in a way that resonates for others too.
    Some of the demo tracks were given to Noosa artist and childhood friend, Sophia Conley, who was inspired to create a painting that became the album artwork. It's a visual collage of the album's lyrics and Clare thinks it's a perfect representation of what the songs are about.
    "It's what the album is. It's what life is. It's shades of colour. Sometimes it's bright and sometimes it's dark, and sometimes it's happy and then sometimes it's not. It's what a heart would like if you painted it and I love that there's this piece of art that was created from my piece of art."
    It's a long way from the little girl who used to walk around her parents' house on Queensland's Sunshine Coast making up songs from imaginary conversations.
    Colour My Heart is a collection of ten new tracks showcasing Clare Reynolds as a singer, a songwriter and a beautiful soul with a perceptive insight into the inner workings of the world around her.
    'Freedom' will almost certainly become a theme song for anyone dreaming of a brave new beginning. The infectiously quirky pop of 'I Love You' is bound to become a favourite pick-me-up. 'My Heart Aches For You' captures the pain of lost love. 'Save Your Heart' was co-written with Eric Paslay who has been described as "what the future of country music sounds like." Surprisingly, they've made a Nashville guitar seem like a perfectly matched backing singer rather than just another musical instrument. The piano-and-vocal stripped back elegance of 'Where's The Time Gone' puts Clare's soulful vocals centre stage and showcases her ability to write lyrics that are precisely what you've been thinking.

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