Amateur Video Shows Shelling in Homs Cemetery

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Opposition campaigners say Syrian government troops are concentrating their fire on Baba Amro district in Homs. Amateur videos purportedly show a cemetery in Homs under sustained shelling.

Activists on Monday say Syrian government forces bombarded rebellious districts of Homs and attacked other cities in their campaign to crush opposition to President Bashar al-Assad's 11-year rule.

Activist Mohammad al-Hassan says mortar rounds and tank fire pounded Baba Amro district but casualties can't be tallied because communications are cut off.

Amateur videos uploaded to a social media website purportedly show a cemetery in Baba Amro being shelled and smoke rising from various parts of the neighborhood.

We are unable to independently confirm the contents of this social media website video.

Another amateur video is said to show the funeral of a man in Deraa.

There the crowd was purportedly taking an oath saying they would remain loyal to "blood of martyrs, injured people, detainees and those tortured, widowed and expelled outside the country."

Protesters in the town of Ankhel in Deraa purportedly show support for Homs, as seen in another amateur video, chanting "Raise your voice, Hourani not afraid of death."

Activists say 23 people were killed on Sunday, adding to a toll of more than 300 since the assault on Homs began on February 3rd.

Homs is strategically located on the highway between the capital Damascus and second city Aleppo.