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    Redneck Wine Glasses Video Commercial

    Karen Musselman

    by Karen Musselman

    Redneck Wine Glasses by
    These here redneck wine glasses make the perfect gifts for the wine connoisseur kinfolk who thinks they's gottin everything!

    Load up these sweet gems with your favorite wine or moonshine, set yourself in front of the fire and enjoy.

    And don't y'all go worryin' 'bout spillin' nuthin' outcha glasses neither. We keep those mason jar lids on 'em just for you!

    These glasses is sure to make great conversation for your kin and friends when they come a-visitin'!
    We even put little gen-u-ine bullets in the stems of our redneck wine glasses!

    Order yours today and we'll ship 'em right out to ya!

    Needin' to see bigger pictures? Jes click on that thar link below this video and thems pictures o' those redneck wine glasses will get a whole lot bigger fer ya right on our website.

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