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    by BalconyTV

    BALCONYTV DUBLIN 12/010/2009
    Right now, the debut album "Romance Romance" is available to purchase in person in Ireland, in Road Records and Tower Records (both Dublin), and in Plugd Records in Cork. If you're not in Dublin or Cork, you can still avail of this 34-minute melody salvo. Your options are:

    * iTunes (open the iTunes application and search for Land Lovers)
    * Amazon

    Praise for "Romance Romance":

    "uncommonly smart pop...fresh melodies engage first, then fantastic lyrics kick in...achingly sweet...the wonderful, self conscious love song The Black Country easily lives up to the standard of Back on the Chain Gang, from which it borrows its opening riff...perfectly formed collection. 4/5" - The Irish Times

    "Beautiful guitar hooks, the production is near perfect for what is essentially a home recording - 4/5" - The Sunday Tribune

    A sparky little gem from Dublins DIY leftfield with a stinging lyric sheet. Vocalist Pádraig Cooney is both wounded poet and cynical dissector of modern mores and his sonic furnishings of clipped guitars and wobbly eighties synths make for a smart, no-frills backdrop. A hugely promising and highly recommended debut. 4/5, RTÉ Guide

    "a short, catchy and witty album with plenty of DIY charm and sweet guitars. It'll make you wonder how many other people's stuff you're missing out on, and happy that there's one name to cross off the list." - RTÉ.ie

    "Irish album of the summer, packed to the brim with gorgeous, singable tunes. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, like this record in any other musical camp in the country." -

    "Clever cultured pop - the whole album follows a well assembled path that continues to excite and deliver" -

    "a warts and all depiction of modern day love... an album with catchy hooks, original lyrics and some moments of pure indie-pop." - The Event Guide

    Tune in again tomorrow!!!!