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    Robotnik - vBlog #9


    by BalconyTV

    Robotnik - vBlog #9

    This blog is about a rehearsal Robotnik did with the Robotnik crew in Andrews Lane Theatre on the 8th October. The rehearsal was to prepare for the Hard Working Class Heroes Showcase. Robotnik plays on Sunday 18th October 2009 at 9pm. For more details on the 3 day event visit

    Soundtrack is Yumeji`s Theme by Shigeru Umebayashi.

    Robotnik is Chris Morrin, a highly challenged boy from Dublin. Robotnik's music is a mental adventure of pop, electronic beats and melodic musings on relationships, fantasies and twenty-something-dom. Robotnik has been
    extremely busy with the release of his critically acclaimed debut album 'Pleasant Sqaure' in 2008. In 2009 he has been excersising his Devo-esque performances alongside the likes of Laura Marling and Crystal Castles whilst enjoying regular airplay on MTV, has remarkably re-written the Pat The Baker jingle and is currently DJing on the
    all new digital radio station RTE 2XM.

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    "Breezy Melodies, assertive diction and scratchy acoustic guitar sounds
    never ever sounded as at home with trebly beats and primitive Jean Michelle
    Jarre synth sounds as they do on this hometown classic." - HOTPRESS 4/5

    "remarkable debut, which straddles Eighties synth-pop and thoroughly modern
    laptop lo-fi, he displays ambition and originality in spadesthis is among
    the very best records of the year" - ALTERNATIVE ULSTER 8/10

    "Pleasant Square is a simple pleasure that proves surprisingly
    invigorating." - METRO 4/5

    "Robotnik's Random Rampage" on RTE's 2XM every Tues 7pm, Fri 6pm. Visit to listen.