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Latitude are a band from the North side of Dublin. Made up of 5 unlikely musicians that manage to tap into every available musical genre that has gone into turning RockNRoll into what it is.

However unlike every other spotty young upstart rock pretender you will find on this vast machine, Latitude have moved out of the 1970s and away from the niche that ties onto Rock music today.

Its not the indie, hop beat or the electro wanna be MGMT sounds (The ones that differentiate so many bands today from those of times gone), that make Latitude step up and out.

Its simple the climax, catharsis, narcissism, light & shade, excess, violence, sexual tension and fun of making music.
The sounds of everything as far back as those Delta blues beats and rag time swings all the way up to something you might expect to hear on the next Prodigy album are played into Latitudes unique style.

Latitude are a five piece band. A solid drum and bass section is coloured with twin guitars that weave the way twin guitars should.

Beautiful vocals that would make Stevie Nicks proud are then kindly provided by none other than the bands singer (see left for details).

It would be unfair to bore you with anymore of an essay about the bands history and what type of girls get each band member off.

After all you put in the effort to read this far.

Instead just simply listen to the tunes, admire the pictures and take a look at the videos.

If you like it pop down to show because the Latitude light only really begins to shine when the band play Live.

Thanks again for dropping by & if your from Ireland or in particular Dublin, well probably bump into you for some tits and ass in the future (if we havent already ;P).

Drink on, Fuck on, Rock on!

Tune in again tomorrow!!!