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Nu Shoos Blues Tommy Emmanuel
The Shoos ..... what a good name !!! Is it really ??? How are they different ? Let me guess ..... They are four guys who write great songs and play amazing riffs and girls and boys alike are mad about them and with every song that The Shoos channel through their 6ft 5in lead singer Texas they bring more meaning to your life and with every energetic heart felt performance you are taken in by Steve's charismatic hair fro, Barry's bulging guitar licks and Scott's tin tin pants until the pounding in your heart meets the thrusting of their Bminors and the climactic embrace of the two gives way to an orgasmic sense of belonging ................ Hmmmm ..... Am I close ? .........Or do you really want the history of the band recording their debut album 3 times in an old post office in South Dublin sharing bouts of the flu and fighting over who is making the tea amidst a lot of eye rubbing and pop tantrums.

Tune in again tomorrow!!!