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    by BalconyTV

    BALCONYTV DUBLIN 5/02/2009
    The Mighty Stef [AKA Stefan Murphy] is a singer and songwriter from Dublin Ireland, celebrated for the storytelling nature of his songs and his passionate live shows. He and his band are a veritable band of rock n roll Pirates, sailing a sea of influences that include everything from The Rolling Stones to the Pogues, Nick Cave To the Clash and Johnny Thunders to Johnny Cash.

    The Mighty Stef’s upcoming sophomore full-length release “100 Midnights” is due out February 6th and promises to please die-hard fans and lure in new. These thirteen tracks feature an eclectic mixture of genres and sounds that will keep the listener on their toes. Fans will be treated to collaborations with Cait O’Riordan and Shane McGowan, the later who lends his vocals to haunting Townes Van Zandt cover “Waitin’ Around To Die”. The first single from “100 Midnights” is “Downtown”.

    The Mighty Stef will introduce these new songs through extensive touring of Ireland and America and will make a string of appearances at Austin’s famed SxSW festival in March 2009 and gigs with trad punk band Flogging Molly

    Also available on “The Firstborn Is Dead Recordings” is the “Death Threats E.P” which was released in May 2008 and The Mighty Stef’s acclaimed 2006 debut album “The Sins of Sainte Catherine”

    The Mighty Stef is a rising international act whose passion and dedication to making heart-felt street-wise rock n roll makes he and his troop of outlaws a live act not to miss.

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