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    by BalconyTV

    BALCONYTV DUBLIN 24/11/2008
    I grew up on an island off the coast of Maine called Mount Dessert Island. My home was very musical one and my dad played guitar and my mom sang and played piano and the organ at the church. My dad was into the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and John Fahey, but the songs he played were more of a country-western nature and I remember him singing hey good lookin whatcha got cookin in our kitchen as my mom made dinner. Mom would play ragtime Scott Joplin tunes and sing ballads like Blue Boyou by Roy Orbison. Reluctantly at first, I learned to play guitar starting around age ten and through middle and high school learned a lot of folk tunes to the likes of the Indigo Girls, Joni Mitchell, and Dylan. In college I discovered jazz and became immersed in Miles Davis, Coltrane, Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock and all those greats. My main college gig was playing fiddle in bluegrass bands and trying to be like Stephen Grapelli in jazz ensemble (never got quite that good). I managed to also spend a few years living and traveling abroad in Africa, Asia, and Australia. All the while I was writing songs and building up to a point where I might play them with other people in front of other people. When I graduated college I started a band and Ive been performing and touring ever since.
    I perform solo shows with either an electric Japanese axe or a vintage Gibson acoustic, a hand-me-down of my father, a retro 80s era Casio keyboard, and an accordion. I also play in a band with James Borchers (drums, glockenspeil, percussion), and Stephen Brodsky (vocals, bass)
    My debut record, Passing Thru, was released in 2004 and received lots of positive press. I put out a few EPs in 2005 and 2006. My newest record Dishes & Pillswas released by Folkwit Records in the UK and independently in the US during the fall of 2007. Im currently working on a new record to be released soon. When Im not on the road playing shows Im usually somewhere between Maine, Boston, and New York City.



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