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    BALCONYTV.COM 25/04/2008
    bright light fiasco are an alt-rock quartet. Their debut single 'Red Sky This Morning', released on April 27th 2007, blazed into the Official Irish top 40 within it's first week of release. "...A damn catchy tune with neat twists and well-edged shows the promise these lads have...a distinctly Irish sound that breaks the usual pop-rock mould." - Pete Vamos, News Of The World (Plus Phantom FM). "A terrific CD...'Red Sky This Morning' a strident slab of heavyish pop-rock that nails it from the off with a nod or two to Interpol, REM and ELO. 'Misfit' is equally charming if a bit more restless rhythm wise. Mc Loughlan is in fine vocal form on both tracks, so keep an eye on him and them." - Jackie Hayden, Hotpress. "With a sound that has had critics dashing for their superlatives 101 handbook and a Top 40 single under their belt, Bright Light Fiasco have created the first ripples of the stir they're obviously capable of causing." -- In Dublin Magazine. "If you mix the New York Dolls, Joy Division and The Pixies with Bob Dylan, you should have a vague idea of what to expect from Dublin alt-rock quartet, Bright Light Fiasco. Buzzing guitars, powerful vocals, and a driving drum and bass section make their live shows a treat for anyone who likes to indulge in some traditional looks like Bright Light Fiasco are beginning to gain momentum and fully intend to move full speed ahead in the coming months too." - The Scene. "Through a mixture of forceful bass grooves, edgy guitars and sporadic drumming BLF have come up with a sound so new and so fresh that it's a perfect match to it's equally powerful vocals." - The Kildare Post.

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