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    by BalconyTV

    BALCONYTV.COM 20/06/2007
    Elavator are a three piece band from Dublin which consists of Greg Clifford on Guitar and Vocal, Keith Mahon on bass, And Anthony Burke the percussion specialist The band originally formed back in 2004 as a three piece cover band called THE SNAZZ with guitarist Max Bligh all for the purpose of a battle of the bands contest held at a local school, but at that time they had no singer, only a pinch of experience playing together and with a copious amount of arguments and tantrums the band aimlessly lingered on and seemed doomed never to even par-take in the contest. Luckily the band eventually strengthened and just before the contest guitarist and vocalist Greg Clifford joined the crew. To their surprise they won the battle of the bands which left them thinking about future events and gigs. Unfortunately afterwards more and more arguments arose predominantly between the two guitarists which finally led to the bands demise, After various projects and time wasting the band regrouped in 2005 but without previous band member Max, and having become a little older and a lot wiser started expanding ideas and working together on original songs, soon the band tightened up their act by having regular busking sessions in and around town. It was around this time the band went and recorded their first demo C.D, of which they made out multiple copies and sold them while busking. The bands peculiar misspelled name arose when bass player Keith produced a few dozen home made C.D covers and through common error wrote ELAVATOR instead of ELEVATOR and gave them out with C.D's to quite a handful of people, the name was quickly corrected but while browsing on the internet they found countless Irish and international bands with the name Elevator, so they kept the mistaken ELAVATOR for being unique. Recently they have been rehearsing hard together and have a new but still unfinished E.P which they were promoting at recent gigs, and they also have an album planned for the near future, and with more gigs arising hopefully their popularity will grow larger and larger. Though they have preformed only quite a small number of gigs the band have been known to open eyes and ears with their mixed catchy rock tunes and powerful 10minute experimental style ballads and with the help of the public and you fine fine people at MySpace they might just break through the sound barrier and become the next big band to enrich the pleasures of all nations through catchy, yet meaningful and yet extremely powerful songs...... ELAVATOR, THEY'RE ON THE WAY UP.

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