KA TET (BalconyTV)


by BalconyTV

BALCONYTV.COM 22/05/2007
Originally the BAND consisted of four members - Kyle, Tommy, Luke, nd Ross. Then Ross felt the need to branch off into a career of heavy drinking and the delicious Lorna Kirrane was brought in to fill the gap in percussion, until one morning she turned into a man called Dave Knott. He too could fill the void in percussion.However after a series of unfortunate events Dave was pulled from the team for medical reasons, once again leaving the drummers stool cold. After near a month of scanning the world for the new Face of Dingos 8 my Baby lead Percussionist,Luke Stratford 'lead guitar' decided the Dingos scene was not one he could hack for too much longer and cut his loses. This of course left Kyle n'Tommy stranded (see the link) . . . Well rather than slipping out of their guitar straps for good, the mighty duo made the most of the dreadful situation and have risen from the ashes with the help of the percussion genius that is ronan fuzz ball connachton, to form Ka-tet' . . . Your world, is their oyster!!!


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