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    by BalconyTV

    BALCONYTV.COM 18/10/2006
    In Waynes words - Hi. My name is Wayne Brennan. Music is my life ... it's what I live and breath... I am a self-taught guitarist with a distinctive and energetic style, influences include blues, flamenco, reggae, classical guitar, country, metal and rock. I play the guitar the way the guitar asks to be played... hmmm.... and just try to be honest to myself and my own artistic creativity. When I first started playing I was big into Grunge... you know... early 90's masters like Pearl Jam... Temple of the dog etc... and then got into Thrash metal for a few years... waa waa waa waa solos etc on the lead guitar. But as the years passed I was drawn to the sweet warming sounds of the acoustic especially nylon string. I'm a singer/songwriter from Daingean in Co. Offaly. When I was young I played traditional Irish music (Tin Whistle and flute) but it was only when I got my first guitar did I really feel a connection with playing music... When I was still playing very basic guitar I got into writing poetry and so as soon as I was able to "string" chords together I began writing melodies and composing. Part of my style is due to the fact that I lived in Paris, France for 3 years soaking up the rich french culture and also because I have travelled a lot during my life. So, I was given the opportunity to hear music from different cultures which had a profound effect on me. I think if you are prepared to open your mind then your heart will lead you in the right creative direction. In Paris I played in places such as The VIP Room, and The Chesterfield Cafe on the Champs Elyses. I decided to return to Ireland to concentrate on my song writing and pursue my musical career path. My journey brings me to where I am today; ready to unveil my music to the world. My style is unique and filled with a heartfelt passion, soul and life. There is no more I can say at this point, except don't come this far without sampling a track or two!!

    Tune In Tomorrow!!!