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    by BalconyTV

    Lotusland are a female fronted band based in Dublin who have
    caused quite a stir on the live circuit. Currently recording an album due out later this year, they mix the sunny upbeat sounds of Fleetwood Mac with a darker Cardigans edge. Appealing to fans from
    those who love story driven songs to those who just want a catchy melody,
    Lotusland just seem to interest everyone.
    With an upcoming album of well crafted songs, Lotusland look set to make a mark on the music scene.
    Fans will be delighted with the eagerly anticipated new collection
    of songs. Watch this space for news, gigs, photos and the album
    launch date!
    From Scandinavia to mainland Europe, Lotusland have always managed to identify with their audiences and captivate the most diverse of musical tastes.
    Lotusland have laboured in the Irish music scene for some time now and relish the challenge of delivering their music to an appreciative audience who seek out original, non-manufactured music and songs. This is their promise to anyone who listens to what they are doing.
    Presented by Pauline Freeman