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    Australia: World Wide Bicycle Recycle Charity


    by NTDTelevision

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    A worldwide charity is putting disused bicycles to good use in third world countries. NTD's Rhett Burnie visited their Melbourne depot and filed this report.

    One man's trash is another man's treasure; for hundreds of Bicycles for Humanity volunteers, never has there been more truth to the saying.

    The unique charity collects disused bikes from across the globe, shipping them to struggling African countries.

    [Matt McCullough, Volunteer, Bicycles for Humanity]:
    "Some proportion of them are given to health care workers, specifically home based health care workers who kinda work in the rock face of the HIV Aids response in Sub-sarahan Africa. So a bicycle for them means they can see more patients, spend more time with them and carry supplies."

    The used containers are then set up as workshops where remaining bicycles are renovated and sold to locals.

    [Matt McCullough, Volunteer, Bicycles for Humanity]:
    "Members of the local community are trained not only as bike mechanics, but also in small business skills."

    Thousands of bikes have been donated to the charities since its beginning in 2008, and that's no longer the problem, the real issue is getting them to Africa.

    [Matt McCullough, Volunteer, Bicycles for Humanity]:
    "So each of these you could say it's maybe between 10 and 12 grand to get it to where it needs to go."

    [Andy Gild, Volunteer, Bicycles for Humanity]:
    "One of the main things is to try and keep encouraging our sponsors, well - our everyday heroes. People who are out there doing crazy exersizy type events, and they raise money. So one of the big things I do is try and stay in touch with them and encourage them, and encourage more people to become involved and help raise funds that way. "

    The world wide initiative operates in parts of Europe, Canada, the United States and Australia.