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    Veena Tharangini by E.Gaayathri Classical Instrumental


    by MusicAndChants

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    The veena is quintessentially an Indian, and particularly a South Indian musical instrument. In mythology, which in India is very intimately and profoundly connected with religion, it is the instrument of Saraswathi, the goddess of learning.

    The veena is so typical of South Indian classical music that even vocalist are recommended to learn to play it. The nuances and graces so peculiar to the system of Carnatic music, as it is called, are the hallmark of this fretted stinged instrument.

    In this rendition, gaayathri draws her immensely rich repertoire to serve a repast of masterpiece melodies from an array of great composers

    1. Anandamen Solluven
    2. Eppadi Padinaro
    3. Katrinilevarum
    4. Manida Janmam
    5. Unnaiyallai Oru
    6. Kanakanondru
    7. Sadananda
    8. Asai Mugam
    9. Adum Chidambaram
    10. Dhyaname Enadhu
    11. Adal Kaneero