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    Bill The Butcher Day Lewis, A Painting by Borbay

    Jason Borbay

    by Jason Borbay

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    This is a painting process video from NYC-based artist Borbay. It is the third canvas in his "Actors I Admire in Badass Roles" series, following "Mickey O'Pitt" and "Hunter S. Depp".

    Painting Title: "Bill The Butcher Day Lewis"
    Size: 30"X30"
    Media: Acrylic & Collage on Canvas

    Painting Based on a Still From: "Gangs of New York"

    Sound Track Title: THE ANTHEM 
    Album: #Eleven30 EP coming soon
    Artist: MIKE JAGGERR
    Website: www.MIKEJAGGERR.COM

    For More on Borbay/This Painting:
    Twitter: @Borbay

    Look for BORBAY on Facebook...

    Thank You For The Inspiration: Daniel Day Lewis, Martin Scorsese

    To Note: This painting was done based on a digitally altered print out of a photograph of a still frame from the movie on my TV.