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    Moody Blues Tuesday Afternoon


    by avajra

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    Jean-François PINEAU Jean-François
    Quand a Paris....
    Jean-François PINEAU Jean-François
    Superbe 40 ans apres...
    Thanks for posting.
    By Moodies_Fan9 years ago
    Dear Shakura, GreatGREAT! wow so many new vids!
    You have secret stash also?? I think YES!
    Yesterday, I thought Good I take a little break no vids. But 13th I do it automatic, And I stay up too late and then too awake for sleep.
    Anyway, I listen quickly, great work you really pull much variety to postes.
    Excellent, I coms after, Now I need cafe, and run away screen!
    But, I come see you Later. You GREAT I LoooOOOOOOOoooovee!!!
    BIG ONElove kisses for you my precious^^wl jrx
    By avajra9 years ago
    Sorry my BB for send quikly my vids..but if you want you change the selection order ok?? you lift of one love vids what you want see in first and you after you reselection in group..ok?? do it if you want yes i'm AGREE
    BIG KISSESWML i move now..
    wish you GREAT DAY and GOOD VIBES TOO (great GREAT vids today for US yes very happy from your post and mine too^^)
    WE RULES and i'm very happy!!
    Again BIG KISSESWML and see you TONIGHT YES??YES!!WL
    By Shakura9 years ago
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