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    Best Bargain Review - Sanyo VPC CS1 HD Camcorder


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    Best Bargain Review - Sanyo VPC CS1 HD Camcorder

    Large, 2.7-inch Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
    The display flips out from the camera and rotates up to 285 degrees on an axis that allows you to take great video or still images from otherwise-difficult-to-view positions, proving to be especially useful when shooting in confined spaces.

    Sound Zoom
    Audio is an important part of capturing life's most important moments. The CS1 delivers Sound Zoom in three individual modes which focus the audio recording to match the relative location of the subject in the video. In wide mode, the CS1 allows the user to record very realistic audio with clear left and right channel separation.

    The Zoom Mic Mode produces enhanced audio clarity. The audio recording is focused more on the camera subject. The Zoom Combination Mode provides an automatic combination of the first two modes. When the user is shooting a wider angle shot they will get the advantages of the wide mode setting. As they zoom in on a specific subject, the audio will become much more focused and provide the benefits experienced in the Zoom Mic Mode.

    All audio is recorded in AAC format which make it very compatible with multiple devices.

    High Speed Sequential Photo Mode
    Take 8 megapixel pictures like the pros with sequential shooting. The perfect solution for action photography!