Exotic Pets - Frilled Dragon

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Exotic Pets - Frilled Dragon - as part of the series on pets and animals by GeoBeats.

This guy is a Frilled Dragon, he is native to Australia and parts of New Guinea. He is going to get about a foot to two feet long, he is similar to a Bearded Dragon. You want about a 40 gallon tank for these guys, you do not want sand, you want coconut husk or bark for bedding. A water bowl, you want branches for them to climb on, so they can get higher to that basking spot.

The basking spot should be about 85 to 95 degrees. You also want a UV light, it is better if you get a 10.0 UV light for these guys. They eat crickets and other insects like roaches, meal worms, king worms, wax worms, and small mammals like small mice.